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javaDAW 5.0 FREE (Beta release)

javaDAW for Windows
JavaDAW is the first succesful music sequencer or DAW completely build in java. JavaDAW can be installed on a Windows machine ot Mac. All the necessary files are available in the .rar file. JavaDaw creates a javadaw home in your $USER_HOME directory with Projects, Export and Resource sub directories. Place the instruments in the Resource directory.

JavaDAW will only work with the java 32 or 64 bit JRE installed. To be downloaded from : Oracle (java JRE). The installed JRE determines which version of javaDAW will run. So do not mix 32 bit and 64 bit plugins in the VST folder. Best practice is to create a separate folder for the 64 bit plugins.

JavaDAW makes use of the 32 and 64 bit libraries of Martin Roth. These libraries (except for the vst 64 bit versions because they are created by MidiWorks) can also be downloaded here : github.com/mhroth/jvsthost but are also available as download file below. The libraries can be used for any java based audio program that uses VST2 Plugins, ASIO (Windows) or JACK (OSX)

javaDAW is FREE from now on but only personal use is allowed. It may not be used for commercial purposes without written permission of the owner (see e-mail adress below).

javaDAW supports 90% of the common VST2 32 bit plugins and a large part of VST2 64 bit plugins. For the plugins of IK mUltimedia it is important to start javaDAW in Admin mode (select Properties > Compatibility > Execute as Admin). There are tons of excellent FREE plugins available. Check out REAPLUGS or VST4FREE.

JavaDAW has some internal plugins. Because the performance of these plugins are so excellent, more will follow. jString and jRodes are already available. There will be jOrgan, jPiano etc....)

When ASIO is used as audio driver the latency can be 3 msec, also dependant on the performance of your computer. The memory usage of javaDAW is normally around 300 MB but increases when internal plugins are loaded but will never be more than 900 MB. More and more internal plugins will be added in the future.

javaDAW for OSX (Mac)
JavaDAW (Beta) for the Mac is released. For OSX the jnilib' s are used. The jnilib (64 bit from 10.7 on) should be placed in the /System/Library/Java/Extensions directory on your Mac. The jnilib has been rebuild for COCOA support and 64 bit OSX. This was a hell of a job for a java developer.

javaDAW Set Up

  • Download the exe (W7) or the App (OSX)
  • Start JavaDAW once to create all directories
  • Install ASIO4ALL (W7) or JACK OSX (start JACK Server)
  • Install the Instruments in the \$USER_HOME\JavaDaw directory
  • Choose C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VSTPlugins for W7
  • Choose /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST for OSX
  • At first start-up, scan the VST Plugins on the resourcepanel (F1)
  • Insert a midi track
  • Insert a drum clip (key I) on track 1
  • Select the Pluginbar (F3) and select a plugin (right mouse click)
  • Hit the space bar to play the clip
  • Watch the Youtube video (older version)

Programs :
Download javaDAW for Windows (Beta) : javadawexe.rar
Download javaDAW for OSX (Beta) : javadawapp.rar
Download Instruments : Instruments (wav, midi files)

Libraries :
Download jasiohost32.dll : jasiohost32.rar (Windows 7)
Download jasiohost64.dll : jasiohost64.rar (Windows 7)
Download jvsthost32.dll : jvsthost32.rar (Windows 7)
Download jvsthost64.dll : jvsthost64.rar (Windows 7)
Download jvsthost32.jnilib : jvsthost32.rar (OSX)
Download jvsthost64.jnilib : jvsthost64.rar (OSX)

jDrum VIP 1.0

jDrum for Windows
jDrum is a software drum sequencer specially designed for Virtual Impaired Musicians. jDrum comes in two versions: Jdrum VIP for visual impaired people, and jDrum Plus for musicians with sight. jDrum VIP and Plus are fully controlled by the keyboard and do not require mouse commands. jDrum will only work with a java JRE installed.

Download jDrum VIP : jdrumvip.rar

Download Instruments : Instruments (wav files)


Buy jDrum VIP for 19 Euro

Quantity :

jDrum Plus 1.0

Download jDrum Plus : jdrumplus.rar


Buy jDrum Plus for 19 Euro

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