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javaDAW 4.2 is available.

Contributors: Several people have also contributed to javaDAW.
Martin Roth is the author of the jAsioHost and jVSTHost dll's. See
Stephan Hotto is the author of some excellent java based plugins. See
Neil C Smith is the author of JNAJack for the Jack Connection Kit. A splendid interface from Java to Jack.

Performance: JavaDAW is constantly tested with different audio systems.
Also stop windows services (type services.msc in commandbox) "Windows Search" and "Windows Update".
See optimising-your-pc-for-audio-on-windows-7

License: This product is licensed for free use to everybody who wants to try out this DAW.
It is not(!) allowed to use this DAW or any code fragment in commercial applications without permission of the owner (see mail adress).
javaDAW will be put under GPL license soon.

Disclaimer: JavaDAW is ment to be used as a fun java project and is safe to use.
JavaDaw is delivered "as is" without any guarantee. Therefore the author will not take any responsibility for any mischief or error.
JavaDaw is just a plain "Swing" java project and should be used as such.

New release (9-4-2014): I added a new download because javaDAW is still in development.
JavaDAW is running smoothly on Windows 7 on my quadcore Desktop PC.
My external audio device is a Focusrite2i2. Latency set to 1 ms. Buffersize to 133 samples.
Also try Java Jack and Jack Port Audio. Always restart the sound engine when audio system is changed.

  • 6 Native FX plugins were added (developed by Stephan Hotto).
  • Import audio was converted to Mono. Restored to Stereo playback.
  • Keyboard "k" opens piano keyboard.
  • Keyboard "m" opens mixer.
  • Up and down increases/decreae y offset (scroll through tracks).
  • Unlink plugins in the Pluginbay instead of removing.
  • Only channels with Record enabled will record.
  • Adding new Instrument jRhodes.
  • Download Rhodes.rar and install under $user/javadaw/resources.
  • Adding new Instrument jBass2.
  • Download Bass.rar and install under $user/javadaw/resources.
  • Adding Help panel.
  • Drumcore crashes partly solved.
  • Sampletank is still a problem.
  • Adding moving and dragging tracks.
  • jDrum1, jDrum2 and jBass are added as native plugins.
  • Download the samples and place them in the/drums and /bass directories under $user/javadaw/resources.
  • Some performance issues and sound driver issues were solved.
  • Improving javaDAW is an continious process.

Getting started with javaDAW.

  • Download the files and put the 2 dll' s in the root of the folder.
  • The application will check if ASIO and dll' s are available.
  • Instead of ASIO you may use the java sound of Jack (if installed).
  • Put the midi and wav files in the directories under /$user/javadaw/wav and /midi.
  • If you don' t have ASIO, download ASIO4ALL (this is a free ASIO driver that works fine with your native audio card).
  • Start javaDAW by double clicking the .exe of .jar file.
  • The .exe file runs within a heap of 512 MByte (this can be adjusted with jsmooth).
  • With the .jar file, use -Xmx512m parameter or -Xmx1024 as parameter for heap size.
  • Create under Windows 7 or 8 a VSTPlugin directory by hand which should normally be under ../Program Files (x86)/Steinberg/VstPlugins.
  • Under XP, it will be created for you if not present. Under W7 you have to create it yourself.
  • Choose a VST directory (menu) and scan the plugin directory (see menu or plugin panel.
  • Download the midi and wav resources (.rar), unpack and put them in the resources folders (midi and wav).
  • Watch the Youtube video (available soon).

Other audio applications: If you need adjustments of javaDAW 4.0 or if you need other audio applications, just e-mail me.
It is possible to develop any(!) audio application in java. Think about DJ apps, recorder apps or midi manipulation apps.
Just write to the e-mail adress below with your ideas.