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jDrum VIP 1.0


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jDrum Plus 1.0


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jDrum for Windows
jDrum is a software drum sequencer specially designed for Virtual Impaired Musicians.
jDrum comes in two versions: Jdrum VIP for visual impaired people, and jDrum Plus for musicians with sight.
jDrum VIP and Plus are fully controlled by the keyboard and do not require mouse commands.

How to use jDrum

  • Use F1 through F12 to change Track. Each track stands for a specific note or or drum instrument (only in VIP)
  • Use the spacebar to start and stop the sequencer
  • Save and load songs as many times as you want
  • Drag and drop the special drum midi files to load them into jDrum
  • Change the velocity per note and per step. Velocities are also stored
  • jDrum only uses checkboxes, sliders, labels and comboboxes which are recognized by screen reading software
  • The software has been tested with screen reading software so you can hear which item has focus
  • The software outputs midinotes to standard midi, a real samples plugin or an external MIDI controller
  • Download the resources.rar file and place it into the jDrum folder in your HOME directory (ususal C:\Users\$User Home\jDrum)
  • The software will be available for MAC and LINUX also. For now only Windows

Developing jDrum in more versions and extend its functionality takes a lot of time.
Therefore jDrum is not free. The downloadable demo versions have save and export disabled.
After payment you will receive a licence key and a new version of the jDrum version of your choise per e-mail.
If you buy jDrum you will receive free updates for the next three months.

The present versions of jDrum will be followed by a software drum computer with a rich user interface.

javaDAW 4.6.1


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JavaDAW is the first succesful music sequencer or DAW completely build in java and has all the features you may expect of a DAW.
JavaDAW can be installed on a Windows machine. Just place the exe file from the rar in a directory on your computer.
Place the jvsthost32 and 64 dll in the same folder. Just double click the exe to start javaDAW. Place the resource files
in the resource directory after downloading. JavaDaw creates a javadaw home in your HOME directory with a Projects, Export
and Resource sub directory.

The demo product is licensed for free use to everybody who wants to try out this DAW. It is not(!) allowed
to use this DAW or any code fragment in commercial applications without permission of the owner (see mail adress).
javaDAW will be put under GPL license soon. The downloadable demo version has save and export disabled.
After payment you will receive a licence key and a new version of javaDAW per e-mail. If you buy javaDAW you will
receive free updates for the next three months.

JavaDAW is ment to be used as a FUN(!) java project and is safe to use. It does not contain malware of any kind.
JavaDaw is delivered "as is" without any guarantee. Therefore the author will not take any responsibility for any mischief or error
JavaDaw is just a plain "Swing" java fun project and should be used as such

New release
javaDaw can be run as a 32 bit application or as a 64 bit application, depending on the JRE installed.
The 64 bit version may use a 1 GByte heap. Of the jasiohost and jvsthost dll's are 64 bit versions available.
Most VST plugins come with a 64 bit version also. The dll' s should be placed in the root of javaDAW.
A JVM (32 or 64 or both) should be installed. Download the 32 bit JRE and the 64 bit JRE here. .

Getting started with javaDAW

  • Download the files and put the 2 dll' s in the root of the folder or the System32 directory
  • The application will check if ASIO and dll' s are available
  • Put the directories in the resources.rar under /$user/javadaw/Resources
  • If you don' t have ASIO, download ASIO4ALL (this is a free ASIO driver that works fine with your native audio card)
  • Start javaDAW by double clicking the .exe or the app
  • The .exe file runs within a heap of 1024 MByte (this can be adjusted with jsmooth)
  • With the .jar file use -Xmx512m parameter or -Xmx1024 as parameter for heap size
  • Create under Windows 7 or 8 a VSTPlugin directory by hand which should normally be under ../Program Files (x86)/Steinberg/VstPlugins
  • Under XP, it will be created for you if not present. Under W7 you have to create it yourself
  • On the MAC, javaDAW uses the standard plugin directory /System/Library/Audio/Plugins. It will NOT be created
  • Choose a VST directory (menu) and scan the plugin directory (see menu or plugin panel on the left)
  • Watch the Youtube videos

Other audio applications
If you need adjustments of javaDAW 4 or if you need other audio applications, just e-mail me.
It is possible to develop any(!) audio application in java. Think about DJ apps, recorder apps or midi manipulation apps.
Just write to the e-mail adress below with your ideas.